Ozone Steam Sauna

Ozone Steam Sauna is a natural and effective form of therapy to help heal and detox. Moist heat opens your pores up, as oxygen is blown over your skin during a 30 minute ozone steam sauna session. As your body is flooded with oxygen, oxidized toxins in fat, blood, and lymphatic system are released from your own body. You will see your own toxins released after your session.

Everyone is different in terms of how many toxins are in their body. Multiple sessions are encouraged to help you  experience the 100 plus benefits of the Ozone Steam Sauna at CryoNow!

What is Ozone?

Ozone is “activated oxygen”.  The type of oxygen we breathe in every day is O2, which has 2 atoms of oxygen.

Ozone is O3, which means 3 atoms of oxygen are bound together.

It is well known in the natural health field, as well as in science and medicine that oxygen deprivation at the cellular level leads to disease. Thus, one of the quickest ways to improve cellular health is to increase oxygenation throughout your body.


The Benefits of the Ozone Steam Sauna Therapy

  • Burns between 400-600 calories

  • Improves circulation, energy, and speeds up metabolism

  • Detox & Cleanses while removing toxins

  • Increases energy and speeds up metabolism

  • Speeds up recovery

  • Eliminates lactic acid build up

  • Relieves pain

  • Stimulates production of new skin cells

  • And many more benefits . . . . . .over 100 plus benefits!



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