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Infused with 300 mg hemp extract. Menthol activated. Comparable to the national brand Biofreeze with the added benefits of hemp extract.

Available in 2oz and 4oz bottles.

Directions for use: Rub a modest amount into areas in need of relief.


Vina Bell premium sublingual tincture is infused with 500mg or 5,000mg of hemp extract in hempseed oil or coconut MCT oil. Use daily to support a healthy lifestyle.

Available in 1oz and 2oz bottles. Favors: Hempseed Oil 500mg, Coconut MCT 500mg, Hempseed Oil 5,000mg, Coconut MCT 5,000mg

Ingredients: Pure hemp extract in hempseed oil.


Vina Bell 125mg salve is a pure plant product infused with high quality hemp extract, based on a family remedy years in the making. Our products are made with plants chosen for their unique characteristics, blended perfectly to absorb quickly and bring immediate relief.

2oz infused with 250mg hemp extract for 125mg per ounce.

Ingredients: Shea butter, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, hempseed oil, argan oil, jojoba oil, calendula, hemp extract oil, proprietary blend of essential oils.


Disposable cartridge. Comes fully charged. Made in an FDA registered facility. Nicotine free. PG free. Approx 200 puffs per average person

Formulary Options: Chill, Focus, Thin, Adam, Eve, Energy, Pain, Cheer, Hangover

Ingredients: 25mg hemp extract oil, plant terpene oils


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